We celebrate world cultures, share big ideas and work toward making the world a better place, one act of kindness at a time. Each issue is full of illustrated stories, fun activities and actionable volunteer ideas/opportunities to inspire and empower kids to tap into their natural capacity to love and learn while having fun. 

Who is Mighty Kind intended for?

Mighty Kind is intended for kids who want to want to change their world. We develop content for kids ages 5-12, but this magazine is absolutely meant to be enjoyed together with parents, grandparents, siblings, cousins, and so forth regardless of age! We also specifically include a grown-up section as a resource for parents, caregivers, leaders, educators and others who contribute to the development of children at this stage.

Will Mighty Kind issues ever be available to purchase in digital/e-book format?

We chose to create a print publication because we love magazines. There's a special connection a child can develop as they turn from page to page with excitement while reading independently or sharing with a friend. We may have limited digital editions of single issues available from time to time, but high-quality printed magazines will always be our mainstay.

How durable is Mighty Kind?

Designed with keepsake-durability in mind, Mighty Kind is printed on high-quality material and free of distracting advertisements. This bookshelf-worthy magazine is built to be read and enjoyed now and for years to come.

Submissions + Contributions

Do you accept submissions?

Yes! We are always searching for real stories that capture the fun, funny, challenging, unique and surprising moments of real people. We are committed to a diverse readership and we welcome works by all people, including those from underrepresented groups (people of color, people with disabilities, LGBTQAI+ folks, and other marginalized peoples). Unfortunately, due to volume constraints, we can’t guarantee that every submission will be published. To see our current call for submission, please go to our Submissions page.

I'm a writer/illustrater/photographer/designer, how can I get involved?

Please check out our Contributor Interest page to fill out a brief form letting us know how you’d like to contribute your talents and how we can get in touch. Whether you're a budding professional or a seasoned one, we'd love to hear from you. 


How do I order?

Please place your order through our website for a single issue, subscription, or gift bundle! Physical magazines will be sent right to your door, while you will be sent an email to redeem any digital products.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes! We want to sprinkle kindness like confetti all over the world! Currently, we are limited to mailing single issues of Mighty Kind internationally, but we hope to expand those offerings in the future. If you complete checkout ordering an annual subscription with international shipping, your order will be cancelled. International customers will be responsible for all duties and fees for their orders. 


Where can I find your policies?

You can find our Privacy Policy, Terms + Conditions, and Returns Policy on their respective pages with just a click or below in the footer navigation menu.