Mighty Kind is dedicated to focusing on kindness and compassion as a foundation for anti-bias learning and conversations while aiming to provide platforms for diverse voices and underrepresented perspectives. We aim to create opportunities for kids (and their grown-ups!) to interact with first-person stories and experiences, learn about modern cultures and historically marginalized communities, focus on their own betterment in character development, and engage in actionable volunteer opportunities to empower kids to tap into their natural capacity to love, take action, and learn while having fun.

True Kindness is rooted in a deep understanding that people, no matter how different, are important and deserving of our respect.When we expand our understanding of the world around us, we can build bridges of empathy and break down barriers like fear and prejudice. 

We envision a near-future in which we are all working together toward making the world a better place, one act of informed and intentional kindness at a time.