Nadine grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area, surrounded by opportunities to engage with diverse members of her community. Once she had her own kids, her family relocated out of state to a much more homogenous area. It was only then that she realized how important it was to be intentional about exposing her kids to diverse communities and cultures and having scaffolded conversations around empathy, respect, and bias.

After creating and curating an anti-bias curriculum of sorts, she recognized that not everyone had the same time privilege she had and wanted to find a way to make these resources beautiful, engaging, easy to implement, and accessible.

With one phone call to Rachel, MK's co-founder and editor, they set off on a journey to start a recurring anti-bias education series to mirror the need for this work to be an on-going conversation. Mighty Kind is staffed by volunteer moms, contracts with dozens of BIPOC artists and illustrators from around the world, and is now in homes, schools, churches, and libraries in almost all 50 states and 12 countries worldwide. But this is just a long-overdue start...