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Mighty Kind Kids Magazine Submissions


Calling all illustrators, writers, artists, and thinkers of any age and experience — Mighty Kind is open for submissions for the upcoming Issue 4: Myth, Story and Folktale. Read below for dates, specifications, and more. Questions? Email us at

Issue 4: Myth, Story, and Folktale

Storytelling is common to every culture around the world. In the upcoming issue, we'll examine the role that story plays in defining, shaping, and sharing culture and tradition. Because many stories have a moral lesson, we'll also take a deeper dive into the big idea of Integrity. Our country for issue 4 is Egypt, with a focus on the modern era. 

Content Submissions (Writers and Illustrators)


We welcome submissions from teachers, mentors, parents, caregivers, artists, illustrators, and writers. If you have an idea for the upcoming issue MYTH/STORY/ LEGEND please submit it via the form below. We’re specifically looking for stories, activities and articles suitable for readers 6-11 that focus on the topics of storytelling and that promote or teach moral integrity. We’re also interested in hearing from Egypt-based writers and illustrators for our country focus section. Submissions—in draft form—are due August 31, 2020. Please include your name, your draft, and your contact info. 


    August 31, 2020


    Please use our online form to submit your pitch/draft/or illustration concept by Monday, August 31, 2020. Include a paragraph summarizing your idea, why you’re the person who should write/illustrate it, and a few examples of similar work, if relevant. Anyone over the age of 12 is welcome to submit.

    Please use our submissions form only. We do not consider work submitted through Mighty Kind’s social media or other email accounts. If you feel your submission falls in both written and illustrated categories, please just pick one category and explain on the entry form.

    We’re a small (but mighty!) editorial staff, so while we try to respond to all submissions, we’re not always able to do so personally or immediately. We aim to send replies within two months of receiving a submission.


      Written Content


        Illustrated Content


        Kid Submissions (12 and under)


        Do you love to draw, write, and be creative? In every issue of Mighty Kind, we feature work from kid-readers like you! We are currently accepting stories and artwork in any medium on the topic of heroes.

        Draw a picture of yourself as a hero and imagine what powers you might have or paint a picture of someone who you consider a hero. If writing is more your thing, you can write a poem or a short story about what it means to be a hero. We love to see what you come up with! 

        Grown-ups, please use the link below to upload high-resolution scans or photos of the finished piece along with your little artist's first name, age, and hometown by Monday, August 31, 2020

        *Because of the volume of submissions, we may not be able to include all submissions sent to us.



        August 31, 2020


        • Include name, age, and hometown
        • Submit via form using button below
        • Agree to the release on the form

        Kids Entry



        Do you know a Mighty Kind Kid who we should profile in an upcoming issue or on social media? We'd like to hear from you! Tell us about about the kid, and what they're doing to spread kindness around the world. Email 

        Thanks for considering us as a place to showcase your work! We value working with a diverse team of writers, illustrators and educators like you. To keep up on Calls for Submission, sign up for our newsletter at the bottom of the page or follow us on social media @mightykindkids!