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We are a team of moms spread across five time zones who have combined our various expertise to bring this children's magazine to life. But a magazine would not be complete without a diverse and inclusive pool of talented contributors. We aim to curate content from far and wide and bring in perspectives beyond our own so that the pages in Mighty Kind reflect the diversity we value so much. 


Nadine Fonseca | Co-Founder, Managing Director | Austin, Texas 

Mother of four, type A entrepreneur, hair color chameleon, witty banter enthusiast, fiercely sarcastic Latina. 

"To be 'mighty kind' means to muster whatever strength, capacity, means, or influence we have and purposefully make choices to bring love, support, hope, friendship, inclusion, or any other variation of compassion to someone else."

Rachel Speirs | Co-Founder, Managing Editor | Oakland, California

Mom, Writer/Editor/Photographer, nature-lover, maker.

“I’m so inspired by the enthusiasm of kids. If anyone can make the world a better place, it’s them. This magazine brings out the best in us. I think kindness is catching and I’m here for it.”

Christina Stark | Art Director | Kihei, Maui, Hawaii

Designer, world traveler, lover of cosplay and extra fine point pens. Mother of two amazing siblings, currently semi-retired and exploring life after raising kids.

"I love how this magazine teaches KINDNESS... without bias. What a wonderful opportunity I have to help our rising generation change the future!"

Victoria Stephens | Marketing Director | Draper, Utah

Photographer, mountain life enthusiast, mother to six, and devoted wife. Alabama alumni, Roll Tide Roll!

"There is no longer room to be simply kind and politely nice. Those things are important, but our world needs a wave of caregivers and kids who are mighty kind-- moving into a world of action."

Summer Romney | Copyeditor | Colorado Springs, Colorado

Mom of three, outdoor enthusiast, runner, Spartan competitor, copyeditor.

"I'm grateful to be part of this dynamic Mighty Kind team and am so excited about the goodness it is bringing to the world through life, connectivity, and color! I look forward to the publication and anticipate its potential impact on people—big and little alike!"

Corene Bingham | Charitable Action Specialist | Lafayette, CA

Wife, mom, outdoor adventurer, hat collector, lover of connecting with others in their own land and culture.

"I am beyond excited for what this magazine has to offer children. Bringing them together through kindness, service and a glance around the world is exactly what I love about it!"

Mackenzie Carlisle | Graphic Designer | Castle Rock, Colorado

Wife and mom, designer, lover of simplicity and creativity.

"Kids today are remarkable and this magazine helps to share and amplify their goodness, ambition, and talent in the most entertaining and vivid way!"

Hannah Moore | Journalist | Chico, California

Journalist, artist, mom of two, Californian, Disney-obsessed, ice cream lover.

"Sharing stories through the written world and the arts has the transformative power of building bridges and fostering empathy. I am so grateful to be a part of a beautiful magazine that encourages kids to love and take care of each other!"

Jennifer Foote | Founding Art Director + Designer | Provo, Utah

Wife, mother of two, designer, photographer, lover of sunshine and the outdoors.

"I've loved being a part of the creation of this magazine and am so excited to share it with everyone! I truly believe that a little bit of kindness can make a big difference and through our examples we can inspire our children and others to live mighty kind."